Reliable Damage Repair

When it comes to repairing water damage or controlling odors, call Mr. Peabody's in San Jose, California. Our team has the know-how to remedy these problems getting your carpet looking and smelling fresh again. Additionally, we do gout repair and sealing for new tile floors.

Water Damage Repair

Water Damage

Water on your floor covering can be a very serious problem. One thing to note is that water travels a lot further than it appears on the surface. Remove any wood furniture from the area or prop it up so it is not in direct contact with moisture. We assist with carpet pad removal, disinfection, and speeding up the drying time with dehumidifiers and air movers.

Odor Control

Deodorization is needed for many reasons, pets being the predominant one. Deodorization is not adding of perfume, but the application of an odor counteractant that actually neutralizes the odor at its source.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Ensure the grout on your new tile floors has been sealed. Since it is rare that an installer will schedule to come back to your home and seal the grout lines of your new floor, it is a very important step to preserving the grout and mailing cleaning easier. We are more than qualified to handle any and all your tile and grout needs.