Spotless Carpet Cleaning & Fresh Upholstery

Have the fresh and clean feeling carpets that seem like they are new thanks to Mr. Peabody's in San Jose, California. Our carpet cleaning company provides washing for upholstery, carpets, and repairs for wood floors.


Why Mr. Peabody's Over Other Companies



We carefully clean leather and fabric furniture. Our cleaners use the same all-natural soap-free solution on your carpeting and office paneling also.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Regular cleaning and care of your hardwood floor helps protect your investment. Our team applies products and provides you with tips to prevent scratches and dirt from building up.


Mr. Peabody's is certified to do all types of carpet repair. We do three main types of carpet repair and restoration to keep them looking great.


This is necessary if those wrinkles in your carpet are becoming a trip hazard. We come by and give you a quote on removing the wrinkles. We also do bonded inserts for damaged areas of carpet.

Stretching Carpet
Carpet Section

Bonded Inserts

We are able to remove a piece of the carpet and install a new piece in its place, as long as there is a replacement piece available. Depending on the severity of the need, a replacement piece is not available; one can be obtained from a closet or under a sofa.

New Surface Attaching

When new tile or cabinets are installed, the carpet must be cut to the proper length and tucked into place. We then apply a transition strip to the carpet.